Degree in nursing programme is a 4-year full time programme aimed at creating nursing competency among students. On completion of the degree in Nursing programme, students will sit for the Malaysian Nursing Board examinations in order to be qualified for licence as a Registered Nurse.

The focus of this training programme is caring for the sick. Throughout the programme, students are made to understand the rationale of care that is given to patients, so that students will be able to react better in “new” situations. By the time the three year programme is finished, students will have a sound knowledge of caring for patients, the right skills and the right attitude to be able to perform the tasks of nursing professionally.

Registered nurses who have already successfully undergone a Diploma in Nursing programme can enhance their qualificaton through the degree in Nursing programme. They may be entitled for credit exemptions.

Career Opportunities

The difference between the number of qualified nurses and the required number of nurses is ever increasing. This means that the demand for qualified nurses is ever increasing.

There is a great demand for qualified nurses in public and private hospitals, specialist clinics, health-related agencies, large factories and many other places.

The degree programme forms a foundation for specialization in specific health sectors and further education, leading to even better career prospects.

The minimum entry requirements for a nursing degree program are as below:

Qualifications Academic Requirements Admission Level
(Science stream)
CGPA2.5 Direct into Year 1 English requirements apply.
(Arts stream)
SPM credit in Maths, Science and Bahasa Melayu
Direct into Year 1 English requirements apply.
(Science stream)
Pass with B6 in 5 subjects Direct into Year 1 English requirements apply.
‘A’ : Levels (Science stream) Pass with 2 principals from science subjects Direct into Year 1 English requirements apply.
(Science based)
Minimum CGPA of 2.5 Subjects to HOD approval

The degree in Nursing programme covers a wide spectrum of nursing-related subjects

Professional Nursing
Law and Ethics
Primary Health Care
Anatomy & Physiology I
Anatomy & Physiology II
Biochemistry & Physics
Health Assessment
Holistic Nursing Care
Clinical Nursing Therapeutics
Family / Community Health
Nursing Care of Mother and Child
Paediatric Nursing
Nursing care of individuals with cardiovascular, and respiratory disorders
Nursing care of individuals with renal, urological and gastro-intestinal disorders
Nursing care of individuals with CNS, and special senses, disorders
Nursing care of individuals with musculoskeletal and endocrine disorders
Psychiatric Nursing
Nursing care of individuals with dermatological, and oncological
Nursing care of individuals with haematological, and immunological disorders
Critical Care Nursing
Gerontological Nursing
Malaysian Studies
Nursing Models & Theories
Professional Nursing Issues
Management in Nursing
Nursing Research
Disorders of body systems
Clinical Nursing Specialty
Evidence-based nursing
Nursing Project 1
Nursing Project 2
Research project
Bahasa Malaysia A / Bahasa Malaysia B
Pendidikan Moral