Diploma in Health Information Management designed to prepare graduates with the skills required for an individual to collect, sustain, manage the health information in Healthcare industry.

Health information management is information management used for health and health care. The duty scope is planning, management and legal decisions, clinical research and epidemiology, and for evaluating the standards and quality of health care. This era where information technology is widely practiced for healthcare record which were paper based (traditional method) replaced with electronic (EHRS). Through electronic technology health information is upgraded to high efficiency for more systematic management. Both hospital human resource and information system (HRHIS) is executed under Health Information Management.

Health information Management professionals plays role to plan information system, develop health policies and identify needed current and future information. They can even use informatics science by gathering, storing, analysing, practising, and sending information to abide legal requirements, professional, ethics and management of heath record. They work with clinical, epidemiology, demography, finance, research and health care coded records. Health management administrators are visualised to play a vital role in delivering healthcare through focusing in gathering, maintaining and using quality information to support intensive health care system which depends on information. Health information is vital to clinical care, and is used as a base for health care. It is for this reason Health Information Managers need to have a strong clinical understanding in addition to extensive training in information technology and systems, data and database management and staff management

The World Health Organisation(WHO) stated collecting, managing and using the information in the healthcare system will determine the effectiveness of the system in sensing health issues, determining priorities, identifying innovative solutions and budgeting for the improvement of healthcare.

Diploma in Health Information Management involves structured experience and practical in healthcare. The course is a part of biomedical science, computer science and information technology, health management science, classification system, data analysis and presentation, epidemiology, statistic, ethics and healthcare jurisdiction. Professional in this health information management trained to collect and analyse health data to provide needed information to clinical experts, hospital management, government and private agencies. Health information management team is unique and knowledgeable in issues concerning health information, data safety and jurisdiction concerning healthcare information and they are the important source in development of electronic operational health record.

This program is a 3 years full time program. It is approved by both Malaysian Qualifications Agency(MQA) and Higher Education Department. This program enables the graduates pursue their dream and work in government and private healthcare sector.


Minimum requirements for Diploma in Health Information Management for SPM/SPM(V) leavers or equivalent is 3 credits in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics, Pure Science and 1 other subject. For international students, IELTS with minimum 5.5. Other requirements are pass with at least 3 credits and 3 years working experience in Medical Record Unit.

Career Prospects

Graduates in Diploma in Health Information Management can work as Project Manager, Systems Analyst, Business Analysis and Health Information Consultant for the development of a new system to capture health information, Health Information Service Manager, Clinical Classification Officer, Systems Manager and Freedom of Information Officer for the management of health information, Data Manager, Data Mining Analyst, Casemix Analyst, Quality & Safety Coordinator, Policy Officer, Clinical Governance Officer, Clinical Researcher or Epidemiologist/Statistician for the analysis of health information. Graduates are employed in public and private hospitals, government departments. They can pursue their education to higher level.



Malaysian Industry and International Trade had anticipated high important growth in healthcare sector. Career prospects in healthcare are vast and increasing and promises stabile and continues career opportunities.