Medical imaging is a field in medical science faculty. This field requires you to involve in x-ray process and radiation. This medical imaging field is a semi-professional field in the country. Diploma in Medical Imaging consolidates knowledge and practical skills in modern and comprehensive laboratories. The diploma program is to produce medical imaging technicians with critical thinking. The added benefit of this medical imaging field is to enable diagnosis without any surgery procedures and indirectly enables critical illnesses traced immediately without any delay.


Initial decision is a necessity preparation in each individual. Ask yourself whether you are ready to continue studies. You should identify your capabilities, interest and academic qualifications. The vital aspect evaluated before you pursue medical imaging field is your academic qualification. This is due to difficulty of the field concerning chemistry; furthermore a lot of higher institutions conducts interviews and those perform in the interview will be chosen for medical imaging course.

Those qualified commonly will be pure science stream in SPM because medical imaging course is concerning pure science subjects. Before you apply this course you should be aware of the academic requirements. Those interested must pass SPM with 3 credits including Bahasa Malaysia and one of the pre science subjects (Chemistry, Physics, Biology,). Some of the higher institutions require pass SPM with 5 credits including Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics, and science subjects.

Diploma in Medical Imaging is a 3 years course. Students should attend practical training for one or two semesters depending to the institute to mould the students to the real world of medical healthcare. The students would be exposed to the following subjects:

  • Anatomy and physiology I & II
  • Physics and Radiography I & II
  • Radiography procedures I & II
  • Health Psychology
  • Health Science and Pharmacy in Islam
  • Pattern management in radiography

Other than listed above there is a lot that you have to study. Students would be exposed to proper communication techniques to face patients. Even though it seems a tough field with adequate efforts from trained and experienced lecturers the learning process will a smooth sail. The learning process will be in depth with laboratory training.

Career Opportunities

Collaboration of comprehensive learning and practical aspect in Diploma in Medical Imaging will open vast doors in employment field. Graduates have no worries in securing jobs as the future is bright in local or overseas. Other than furthering studies to degree, Master and PhD level in medical imaging field graduates can also apply for positions listed below:

  • Operating Theatres
  • Accident and Emergency departments
  • Resuscitation Rooms
  • Cardiac Catheter laboratories
  • Endoscopy units
  • Minor Trauma units
  • Mobile breast screening units
  • Marketing technicians
  • Lecturers