nursing college faq
nursing college faq 2

What service does Nursing College Malaysia provide?
We help students compare private colleges in Malaysia based on many criteria(fees, location, financial assistance, scholarship, accreditation etc). We provide unbiased information to the students so that they would be able take all aspects into consideration before enrolling in any college. After student has decided on which college to study, we would help student to apply to the institution of their choice.

How do I apply for Nursing College Malaysia’s service?
You would only have to fill up the form in our website. Our education counselors would contact you to clarify certain details before giving an insight on the course and college options you have.

Do I have to pay for the service that Nursing College Malaysia provide?
No. The service that we provide is free of charge.

Why applying to the college of my choice is better through Nursing College Malaysia instead of to the college itself?
We work closely with our partner from the colleges that we collaborate with. Our staff would personally follow up on the progress of a student’s application. We help students get the offer letter from the college of their choice in a shorter period of time, with no hassle.

How would I know if I have meet the requirement to apply for a certain course?
You can refer the requirement of a particular course here. Otherwise, you can send an inquiry at our website by filling up this form. Our friendly counselor will then call you shortly to clear your doubts.

Am I guaranteed a job after graduating?
Nursing College Malaysia will not guarantee the fact that all graduates would be offered a job upon graduating. Job offer depends on the competency of the graduate. A graduate with a CGPA higher than 2.6 would be able to secure a job easily. Graduates would have to apply for jobs on their own, following the procedure given by Nursing Board of Malaysia.

What is the starting pay of a nurse who had just completed a diploma program?
Roughly around RM 2,000 to RM 2,200.

When would the intakes of the colleges commence?
Intake dates depends on the college. Different college has different intake period. However, major intakes usually takes place in the month of April and July.

How about accommodation?
Accommodations are provided by all the college that we collaborate with. We assure you that the accommodation provided is safe, comfortable and strategically located.

What is the age limit for nursing course application?
45 years old

What options do I have to fund my education?
Financial assistance is provided in certain college, but it is given on a case-to-case basis. PTPTN loan can be applied by anyone with an offer letter and is arranged by the college that a student applies to.

Would I be given monthly allowance?
Depends on the college that you have applied. For further information, please fill up your details in scholarship guide and we will have our staff contact you regarding this.

Do I have to register with the Nursing Board of Malaysia?
Yes, if you would like to work in Malaysia. In fact, whichever country you would like to work in, you would need to register with the Nursing Board of that country. The Nursing Board of Malaysia conducts two examinations a year to facilitate the registration process. The Nursing Board of Malaysia issues the Annual Practical Certificate(APC), a very important document which is recognized by the Commonwealth countries before a person can be employed as a nurse.

Can a male become a nurse ?
Absolutely. In fact, there’s a great demand for male nurses in the healthcare industry.