Malaysian Nursing Board (MNB) was established align with The Nurses Act and Nurses Registration Ordinance were enacted to control the practice of nursing. Examination is conducted by Malaysian Nursing Board to recognise future nurses who had completed their studies. The exam is conducted 10 times a year. Furthermore the examination calendar can be downloaded from Nursing Portal. Each nursing student compulsory to pass the Malaysian Nursing Board Examination to practice nursing according to 1950 Nursing Act(Act 14). Those who pass the Malaysian Nursing Board Examination can start practicing in any government or private hospitals in Malaysia or overseas.

Those nursing student who wants to sit for Malaysian Nursing Board Examination must complete application form two months before the exam date which can be downloaded from Malaysian Nursing Board webpage. Each applicant must fulfil each of the requirements stated in 1950 Nursing Act. Applicants also must fulfil 100 % attendance in technical and   85 % in procedures recorded in student’s experience record book, additional to that they must have 85% attendance in theory. Priority to all mentioned above a nursing student won’t be allowed to sit for the Malaysian Nursing Board Examination if sick leave exceeds 42 days and those excess sick leave must be replaced.

Respectively as all other major examinations in Malaysia, examinations under Malaysian Nursing Board are chargeable. The Malaysian Nursing Board offers 4 types of examination which cost RM30/each. Assistant Nurse and Community Nurse which requires extra registration examination cost RM15/each.

Those registered for this Malaysia Nursing Board examination are advisable to complete an examination statutory letter where they must pledge and agree not to take out or leak to any parties, in any form of information connected to the examination invigilation and always safe guard all kind of information as confidential (1972 Formal Confidential Act and Safety Order). Otherwise convicted they will be charged disciplinary act according to the 1972 Formal Confidential act and Safety Order. Addition to that each applicant also required to pledge to destroy the question books where they must pledge not to take out or make a copy of the questions or leak out to any parties, in any kind of information connected to the examination and keep all information confidential.

Malaysia Nursing Board Examination Results

For future nurses, the results of Malaysian Nursing Board Examination will be announced through Nurses Information Management System within 7 days upon receiving complete set of examination answers which verified by Registrar/Secretary of Malaysian Nursing Board with agreement by members of Education and Examination Committee. They can obtain their results through Nurses Information Management System webpage. Meanwhile the examination result slip will be sent to applicants through their concerned college and institution and the slip will be issued only once. The results will be notified as pass or fail and the passing marks is 50% from total 100% of overall marks. The excellence criteria will be only announced for those applicants who had obtained 80% and above results. But those who failed this examination are allowed to repeat the examination three times only.

The implementation of the exam by Malaysian Nursing Board helps to high quality registered nurses align with the level and criteria set in nursing courses. Nurses plays vital role in country healthcare. The examination conducted by Malaysian Nursing Board can evaluate the competency of a nurse in providing professional services to the patients and produce committed, efficient and responsible nurses to provide the best healthcare.