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How to Become A Nurse in Malaysia

Increasing Demand

The population of Malaysia is increasing at a steady rate. With it comes an increase in the demand for health care services. On top of that, the public expectation for better health care is ever increasing.This results in a greater demand for doctors and qualified nurses, whether having attended a degree course or a diploma course. Nursing focuses on caring for the sick, especially in the absence of a doctor. But doctors have many patients to attend to and are note in a position to care for specific patients. This means that caring is fundamentally the responsibility of the nurse. If you are a caring person who is interested in attending to the sick and help them recover their health, then you should consider becoming a nurse.

Highly Wanted Job

Today’s nursing courses produce professionals who are caring, well-disciplined, motivated and are able to think critically. Both nursing diploma and nursing degree training programs teach you to use your mind, emotions and limbs to care for the sick. The demand for nurses is very high, with a need for 130,000 more qualified nurses by the year 2020. This will enable Malaysia to have a 1:200 ratio and meet the requirements of the World Health Organisation. Currently, the ratio is 1:645 and Malaysia has to rely on foreign nurses.

Promising Future

The high demand means that nurses can expect many job promotion opportunities and the higher pay that comes with it. The future is bright for nurses and those in the healthcare industry. It is also a highly respected job that is emotionally satisfying as you see your patients recover their health under your care. So take the first step now to become a qualified nurse. If you have three credits in SPM, with credits in Bahasa Malaysia, Science and one other subject, preferably Math or English, you have met the minimum qualification for a Diploma in Nursing course. Check out the Degree in Nursing pre-requisites.