Diploma in Environmental Health

Work as Assistant Environmental Health Officers and use your expertise to develop, co-ordinate, monitor, assess, implement and enforce public health policies or laws.


According to the definition by World Health Organization, environment health is all about human health including quality of living, determine by physical, biology, social and psychosocial and environment. It also covers the theory and evaluation aspect, amends, control and prevents environment factors which are potential in affecting our future generation health.

Many issues under the environmental health issue such as environmental epidemiology which combines environmental agents and causes of diseases. Followed by environmental toxicology; cause mechanism and effects of exposure and spread of diseases. It also involves environmental engineering in identifying controlling and reducing diseases factors. Finally the legal aspect referring the development of legal system appropriate to protect the public.

Environmental health is a science involved in practices of protecting and development of public health; preventing measures, health education and control of infectious diseases, implementing measures and surveillance of danger of environmental to health. Environmental health covers human health condition involving water, air, food, infrastructure and disposable wastage.


Diploma in Environmental Health is a 2 to 3 years hybrid of theory and experiential training that provide graduates with insights and skills in environmental health practices. The program structured to equip graduates with basic knowledge in environmental health science; practices and all aspect of management skills. The syllabus in this diploma program is designed to provide a solid background in basic science concerning environmental health. This diploma is a branch of health science emphasising in environmental preserving and prevention concerning human health. This program concerns all aspects of health in terms of quality and safety of food, water quality, air quality, vector control, prevention and curb of infectious and non-infectious disease and global safety and health. Graduates will be able to demonstrate the ability of identifying environmental health issues, conduct professional evaluation and assessment and recommend effective and efficient control and preventive measures to overcome such issues.

Diploma in Environmental Health provides a structured curriculum and trained by experienced and qualified lecturers and tutors. Graduates can perform and outshine in identifying environmental health issues, conduct professional evaluation and implement effective and efficient measures to overcome these issues.

This diploma graduates will ensure the public welfare and protect, encourage and restore community health. It’s a consolidation of knowledge, skills and trust directed to prevent and   improve public health through collective and social measures.

Through this program graduates will be exposed to environmental health regulation and acts and implementation procedures.


Basic requirements in most of the institutions would be pass SPM or equivalent with at least 3 credits including one of the science subjects. For science stream students you must pass SPM or O level or any equivalent with credit in any 3 subjects and pass 2 science subjects or pass UEC with grade B in 3 subjects and pass at least 2 science subjects. For applicants who are not science stream, they must pass SPM or O level or any equivalent with credit in any 3 subjects including minimum 1 science subject or pass UEC with minimum grade B for 3 subjects and pass atleast 1 science subject.

Career Prospect

Graduates may apply for Public Health Assistant and apply their skills and expertise to develop, coordinate, monitor, evaluate and implement and enforce regulations and acts concerning environmental health. You may apply in government and private sectors to be environmental health Assistant, enforcement assistant. It does not end there you may be involved in research, lecturing institution and environmental management. Career prospects includes Asst. Environment Health Officer at Ministry of Health / Local Authorities, Safety and Hygiene Officer, Environmental Health Control / Research Officer.


Diploma in Environmental health has a lot of branches and promises a bright future. Global evolution opens vast for these graduates to excel in their field. The programme also include all the health aspect such as food quality and safety,water quality,air quality,vector control,communicable and non-communicable disease control, occupational health and safety and the global health.

Seats are limited. Make a wise decision today for your bright future.