Diploma in Paramedic Science

Paramedics are professional group in healthcare, especially in pre hospital and external hospital situations. Paramedics work mainly as part of emergency medical team, such as in ambulance.


Paramedics are professional group in healthcare, especially in pre hospital and external hospital situations. Graduate from diploma in Paramedic Science will be a Paramedic. They work mainly as part of emergency medical team, such as in ambulance. Paramedics role tightly knitted with other healthcare roles; emergency medical technicians where paramedics frequently plays an important role with higher responsibilities. The qualification for a paramedic is from the certificate level, diploma in paramedic science, bachelor of paramedic science and also can be up to PHD level.

Paramedics’ scope and role varies depending on the locations throughout global, where pioneered in America in the 70’s. Since then countries like United Kingdom, paramedics’ role has developed becoming autonomy healthcare profession, with individual practitioner license. In the other states; including America paramedics retains as agents working on behalf of doctors. Paramedics’ role has vast difference according to the geographic location. Paramedics in France and German continue to support in doctors’ field, where their role similar with nurses in hospitals and not operating with clinical autonomy.

This profession has developed gradually from fetching patients to hospital, to more efficient treatment in medical field. In certain countries paramedics in charge of preventing full hospital admissions through training, by subscribing certain medicines, or by observing and recommending other alternative treatments, where paramedics directly refer the patients to specialists without taking them to hospital.

Diploma in Paramedic Science is a diploma program for those interested in pursuing their studies to play important role in ambulance front line, where paramedic science covers a few practical modules and important theories to serve reflexive healthcare treatment.

Pairing with more traditional learning, students will experience variety of clinical placement, inclusive of observation practice, working under supervision and involve in day and night practice to mould the paramedic graduates to become professional ready to face unexpected challenges outside hospital areas.

The Diploma in Paramedic Science focuses on lecture, seminar, tutorial, group activities and practical works based in labs. The students also has access to specialists’ lecturers involving anaesthetic specialists, heart specialists, midwives, nurses, mental health nurses, emergency planning team and medical staffs with special importance in pre hospital treatments. Police, social workers and pharmacologist also contributes specialist knowledge for the program. Evaluation for paramedic science is based on theory and practical. Theory evaluation consists of essays, reports and case research. Practical skills are evaluated from clinical incidents from simulated clinical situations. Clinical practice measured by paramedics, nurses and doctors.

Entry Requirements

Applicants for Diploma in Paramedic Science must pass SPM with atleast 3 credits, or Sijil Am Pelajaran (GCE) with Grade A. Those holding Certificates or Diplomas in connecting fields with credit transfers eligible to apply for this program. Those who has any testimonials recognised by University/College Senate also can apply.

Career Prospects

Those holding Diploma in Paramedic Science will be the strength force for private ambulance team working in Emergency Medical Support like Malaysia Red Crescent, Jabatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia dan other agencies involved in Medical Science/ Paramedic Science, Health Science, Professional Development and practical training. Graduates also can pursue their studies to higher level.


Malaysia International Trade and Industry in IMP3 has predicted rapid development in healthcare sector. Healthcare training programs including Emergency Medical Service emphasised in this plan. In economy sector, NKEA has identified by 2020, this sector capable to offer 181 000 career opportunities and generate RM50 million income from 1 million healthcare tourist. This program promises stable career and has bright future.

Seats are limited. Make a wise decision today for your bright future.