Diploma in Pharmacy

Work as pharmacist Assistant in Government Hospitals, Private Hospitals and Community Product Executives or Product Spokesman in Pharmaceutical Industry. Technical Assistant in Healthcare Products Industry.


Pharmacy is a chemistry course related field specialising in dispensing and compounding of medicine in a safe and effective manner. This pharmacy field is divided to three branches; pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacy practice. This is a critical field which has a bright future as our society puts a high priority in medicine consumption and daily healthcare. The main aim of pharmacy is to identify prescription and dosage of medication, dispense advice and guideline on health and implement the basic medication therapy. Diploma in Pharmacy strengthens its graduates to assume responsibilities in a range of pharmaceutical sectors. Such as hospitals and pharmaceutical community. Indirectly we are producing ethical professionals’ who are responsible for the sake of religion commitments and country inspirations.

Career Opportunities

Pharmacy graduates should have no doubts about their career prospect in this field. Other than being a pharmacist there a long list of career opportunities which demands for your services as below

  • Pharmacist Assistant in Government Hospitals, Private Hospitals and Community
  • Product Executives or Product Spokesman in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Technical Assistant in Healthcare Products Industry

The list don’t end there pharmacist graduates can apply jobs in government sector under SPA in related fields. You academic journey does not end here. You can pursue your education to higher level in any institutes locally or oversea.


As a student deciding the filed to pursue you should know your capability, interest and expertise. If you are keen in pharmacy field one of the main criteria is your academic level. Pharmacy is a professional field related to science stream; Chemistry and Biology. In fact Mathematics in SPM level will be factored in too.

Your academic requirement varies depending to institutes picked. In general, the general minimum requirements are pass SPM with 3 credits including Science. If you are not interested in Science this is not your field to pursue. In fact certain institutes minimum requirement is pass SPM with 5 credits including Mathematics and Science. Institutes offering Pharmacy course Diploma level are UiTM, Shahputra University College and Malaya University.

Diploma in Pharmacy consists of 6 semesters and the duration is 3 years. Throughout the course you will be exposed to a lot of subjects. Among the subjects are

  • ICT for Pharmacy
  • Calculus
  • Life Sciences
  • Introduction to Pharmaceutics
  • Chemistry

Other than above subjects there also new subjects introduced in this course. Compared to other professional courses such as engineering and architect, pharmacy field is more lighter. This course does not need you to do external research, in fact a lot of time spend in the lab to conduct experiments with medicines. On top of that students are required to attend a semester of practical to make sure the students truly understand their field and hands on experience with medicines.

Seats are limited. Make a wise decision today for your bright future.