Nursing and Allied Health Sciences Courses

We offer undergraduate programmes featuring a wide range of degrees based on your SPM results.Please refer below for information of courses available for suitably qualified candidates.

Diploma in Nursing

Nursing jobs require not only treating patients who are sick and injured, but also offering advice and emotional support to patients and their families.

Diploma in Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant is the person who is responsible in completing the duties of clinical administration in doctor’s office, hospitals and other medical care centres. The duties vary according to locations, specifications and the size of the practice.

Diploma in Dental Technology

Students will learn the working knowledge of fabricating corrective devices and replacements for natural teeth and tissues. The programme provides theoretical and technical training in designing and constructing dental restorative devices and tooth repositioning appliances.

Diploma in Operating Department Practice

Operating Department practitioner work in a team in surgery room and important role in physical and psychology care of patients.

Diploma in Physiotheraphy

Work as Physiotherapists implement rehabilitation programmes that maximises the movement ability, relieve pain and treat physical challenges associated with injuries, diseases and other impairments.

Diploma in Medical Imaging

This field requires you to involve in x-ray process and radiation. The added benefit of this medical imaging field is to enable diagnosis without any surgery procedures and indirectly enables critical illnesses traced immediately without any delay.

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

Work as a Medical Lab Assistant for laboratory or health care centre. Medical laboratory technologist does not interact directly with patients, but 70-80% of all medical decisions are based on the laboratory tests of patients.

Diploma in Environmental Health

Work as Assistant Environmental Health Officers and use your expertise to develop, co-ordinate, monitor, assess, implement and enforce public health policies or laws.

Diploma in Paramedic Science

Paramedics are professional group in healthcare, especially in pre hospital and external hospital situations. Paramedics work mainly as part of emergency medical team, such as in ambulance.

Diploma in Pharmacy

Work as pharmacist Assistant in Government Hospitals, Private Hospitals and Community Product Executives or Product Spokesman in Pharmaceutical Industry. Technical Assistant in Healthcare Products Industry.

Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health

Work as a Safety and Health Officer (SHO) to advise employers on safety and health measures in the company and to inspect, determine and advise on the safety of the work place.