After graduated from Diploma in Medical Assistant, you can work as Medical Assistant (MA). MA is the person who is responsible in completing the duties of clinical administration in doctor’s office, hospitals and other medical care centres. The duties vary according to locations, specifications and the size of the practice.

Medical assistant usually record the patients’ history and personal information, evaluate important details such as blood pressure, assist doctors with patients’ check-up, injections or medicine dispensary following doctors’ instructions according to the state law, scheduling doctor’s appointments with patients, passing the blood samples to labs and keeping inventory of patients’ medical history.

The main scope of a medical assistant’s job is taking and keeping patients’ personal record so they must be able to keep the information confidential and discuss with other medical personals involving in the patient’s treatment. EHR’s is an electronic medical record system which has increased the efficiency of medical field. More medical experts use EHR’s system by transferring to paperless applications. Medical Assistant need to learn this system as their work scope varies from small healthcare practises to big hospitals.

Generally there are two types of Medical Assistants; Administration Medical Assistants and Clinical Medical Assistants. Administration Medical Assistants answers phone calls and manages patients’ schedule. Clinical Medical Assistants does lab tests, dispose tarnished stock and sterilise medical equipment. They are also in charge of medicines, special diets, remove stiches, prepare patients for x ray, take samples of blood and change patients’ clothes.

Diploma in Medical Assistant

Due to rapid development in medical and healthcare, patients’ needs varies so the need and demand for professionals in medical field is vital. Medical Assistant industry will become the highest field offering career opportunities in year 2022. Malaysian Diploma in Medical Assistant program offers comprehensive education which prepares graduates to grab the career opportunities in medical field.

Diploma in Medical Assistant is a program which equips the graduates with knowledge, skills and attitudes to practice as a medical assistant. They learn all the different human systems, cardiovascular and other respiratory systems which connects cellular and molecules in normal human being and patients. Upon completing this Diploma in Medical Assistant graduates will be able to understand, diagnosis, treat patients easily, care and heal the patient’s health.

This program is a 3 years full time course. The program is approved by both Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and Malaysian Higher Education Ministry and also by the Malaysian Medical Board. The program enables the graduates to fulfil their ambitions to work in medical and healthcare field in private or government sector. The profession scope changes from time to time.


Entry Requirements

General requirements are 5 credits in SPM including Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics, and one of science subjects or any equivalent qualifications. Certain institutes or colleges make it compulsory to pass English subject because the program is conducted in English.

Career Opportunities

Graduates have no worry for career opportunities in this field. Other than medical assistant under the government scheme Grade U29, there are a lot of career opportunities in medical clinics. You can apply your skills in university hospitals, university clinics and medical faculties. You can even pursue higher studies in related field; Undergraduate degree, Masters and PhD for a better future. You can even apply job in private sector in fields in Administration and Professional Department, pilgrimage to Macca, instructors, Science officers, hospital’s director, oil mining companies or overseas.


Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) has anticipated drastic development in healthcare and medical industry. Nothing stands in your way after you graduate in this field. You have a bright future waiting for you.