Our Story

Today, many students are confused in many aspects fuelled by the influx of information provided by marketing persons of a particular college or university.

A recent survey of students already registered in their field of study in any given college or university concluded that 60 percent of students felt they did not get or experience what was promised to them. This is, in many occasion brushed aside and forgotten. What could be the solution to such problems? Do we want ourselves to be subjected to such mis information and empty promises.

We here believe student should choose based on the feedback of their own peers, having your own preference when it comes to the university, fees and the place or town they wish to study. All universities have reputable and proven track record in giving the best education and producing quality graduates in past years. If you have any particular university or college in mind, leave it to us to get you the offer letter from that university.


“We believe in getting what is BEST FOR YOU.”

Brian Hwang, Co-Founder

Our Goal

We have successfully placed more than 690 students in all the distinguished universities. We solve students’ problems without misleading them and that benefits the student and university alike. In order to get the best solution, we work along closely with both parties. In short we are problem solvers!

Our Mission is to Help Students Enrol into a Nursing College or University in Malaysia.

Our Duty

Communication is vital in this process. Between us, parents and students. It’s our duty to take care of all the aspects of student handling. Ultimately, you will have an ease of mind by letting us do the tough job.

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