Lincoln University College is a private institution for higher learning approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency(MQA). The founders and administrators of Lincoln University College are true academicians. They bring almost fifty years of higher education and post secondary education experience.

Program Information

Lincoln University College’s Diploma in Nursing is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, National Accreditation Board (LAN) and the Nursing Board of Malaysia. Students enrolled in the program are required to complete a curriculum which encompasses Behavioural Health and Nursing Sciences in three (3) years. Students will have the opportunity to enrich their knowledge and practical skills in hospitals and health centres, in collaboration and cooperation with Government and private health sectors.

Students majoring in Nursing will have to pay enrolment fees, cost of books, uniform, liability, insurance, immunisation and physical examinations. In addition, they will incur transportation expenses to and from hospital/clinics.

Senior academic staff are always available and willing to discuss and assist in matters relating to student welfare, special needs, and other pertinent matters. Furthermore, student leaders and their associations work closely with the College to enhance these services.

Additional Information

Information sessions on prerequisites, the enrolment process and other course-related matters are held every semester for prospective students.

Career Opportunities/Objectives

Since the advent of modern Nursing education, the profession has developed its own career pathways, today leading from the Diploma In Nursing to the PhD in Nursing. Career opportunities are extensive and borderless, and Graduate Nurses are in demand across every continent in the world.

Assunta nursing college is proud in their holistic teaching which is practised generation by generation by their nurses. The trademark which puts this college above the rest is their loving and compassionate nature. To date, Assunta college has grown to a comprehensive building with teaching facilities, research rooms and recreational elements. Assunta college had expanded its wing by additional building to accommodate the increasing volume of students. Assunta college is a trademark for other nursing colleges being the trustworthy service and quality provider.

Seats are limited. Make a wise decision today for your bright future.