Oriental Nilam College of Nursing and Health Sciences


In this ever changing world,medical and health care services becoming more complex. A healthcare professional role is redefined and became broader to cover the vast responsibilities focusing in management and administration. To pursue your career in healthcare the credibility of the college and the course will the vital factor.

Nilam College focuses in 1 diploma program; Diploma in Nursing. Other than nursing Nilam College also offers ward assistant course and certificate in Basic Life Support.

Diploma In Nursing

Diploma in Nursing is a 3 year course. The program is designed to make the students competent registered nurse. Practical forms the curriculum. The Diploma program students will have clinical experience in Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Centre and other approved government hospitals and medical centres. The requirement to pursue Diploma in Nursing is SPM with 5 credits in Mathematics, Science, Bahasa Melayu and 2 other subjects.


It’s a 3 months course to prepare the students with theory and practical skills in work relating to ward assistant. Ward assistant work scope covers assisting and managing the wards in medical centres such as hospitals and helping nurses and other medical practitioners. Entry requirement for this course is SPM leavers.


This program is designed for all level staffs for them to react in emergency treatment in their work place. This certificate is vital to educate the employers and employees the occupational safety and health.

Oriental Nilam College of Nursing and Health Sciences is a specialised institution dedicated to provide affordable and quality education in the field of health sciences. They are committed to produce competent professionals conversant in all aspects of nursing and healthcare work. They have 100 % pass with Malaysia Nursing Examination Board. Even financial aid is provided. Students who join this program eligible to apply for scholarships, PTPTN loan according to terms and conditions. Furthermore Oriental Nilam College of Nursing and Health Sciences produces competent health professionals.

Nilam College is wholly owned by Oriental Holdings Berhad(OHB). Even the college name added the name oriental to illustrate the collaboration of the college with Oriental Melaka Straits Centre. Oriental Holdings Berhad was started on 24 December 1963. Oriental Holdings Berhad (“OHB”) was established on 24 December 1963 as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1965 and was converted to a public company on 22 February 1964 under its present name. OHB was listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad since 10 March 1964.

Nilam College is an institution specifically to provide quality education in health care field. Nilam College is committed to produce efficient professional group in nursing and healthcare field.

Education in Nilam College is not restricted to books and lectures. Graduates in Nilam College are treated individually to enhance their qualities and knowledge to face the real world. Universal values, personality moulding and creativity are important processes in learning in Nilam College.

In Nilam, the courses are designed to provide the graduates with skills required by industry, which enables them the opportunities in hospitals and community health centres.

Nilam College campus is out of city disturbance. The Nilam College campus provides idle environment for interaction and study. Equipped with tools and latest facilities, Nilam College is one of the most developed college in this area. The library is filled with research materials including visual aids. Nilam College focuses in giving the students the inspiration and motivation to excel in their studies.

Seats are limited. Make a wise decision today for your bright future.