Assunta College of Nursing


Assunta College of Nursing was registered as Tun Tan Cheng Lock Nursing College, Assunta Hospital. The nursing school was started in 1961 in the hospital premises. To date the college is fully equipped for nursing training purposes. The first intake in year 1961 has achieved Group 77. It means the first nurses group is in their 70’s.

Diploma in Nursing

Assunta offers a full time 3 years nursing course ( 6 semesters). Students will learn about nursing and health and behavioural science consists of nursing knowledge and skills, public relations, communication, IT, professional development and management. Students will have continuous evaluation through assignments, short tests, case research, presentation and clinical assessments.

  • Entry Requirements

The main criteria must have interested in nursing. Diploma in Nursing is offered to SPM certificate holders with at least 5 credits. The international entry allowed is O Level. The intake in Assunta is twice a year, April and July.

  • Scholarship

Assunta Hospital offers the limited scholarship for those who are interested to pursue this challenging career. It offers full scholarship, uniform and shoes, hostel accommodation in the college with 24 hours security, Medical insurance coverage and monthly allowance RM 550/-.

Professional Certificate in Intensive Nursing Care

This is a 6 months program for continuous training and professional development for registered nurses who works in Intensive Care Unit (ICU). It is a 2 semester course for 26 weeks. It provides registered nurses with knowledge, skills and the right attitude for efficient and compatible knowledge in caring for critical patients and their family.

  • Entry requirements

Interest candidate must have current APC and minimum 1 year working experience as registered nurse in any health premises. The intake is only in February and the fees is RM 7 500 (HRDF claimable).


Graduates from Assunta Nursing College are in high demand in local and overseas nursing profession. Among them are Nursing Directors and Nursing trainers. For those who are interested please contact us here.

Assunta nursing college is proud in their holistic teaching which is practised generation by generation by their nurses. The trademark which puts this college above the rest is their loving and compassionate nature. To date, Assunta college has grown to a comprehensive building with teaching facilities, research rooms and recreational elements. Assunta college had expanded its wing by additional building to accommodate the increasing volume of students. Assunta college is a trademark for other nursing colleges being the trustworthy service and quality provider.

Seats are limited. Make a wise decision today for your bright future.